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Bored to death on a Monday night

Walking back from the restaurant today I couldn’t think of anything but how boring this guy was. Capital B boring. Two hours of my life I’ll never get back.

I had gone out with him before. He was the guy that showed up in company attire for our date. He was my first date out of OkCupid, and the first person I ever EVER went on a proper date with in my life. I knew he was boring, but I just didn’t remember how much.

I think there are two things a man should never do if he intends to land a next date (or just plain get laid) with me: try to impress me with money and talk about himself the whole time. He got it wrong on both counts.

I think the first one may not be a deal breaker for everyone, but for me it’s annoying. I don’t care at all how much money someone’s got, or how well paid they are. Go tell your mom, she’ll be proud. Rubbing that on my face isn’t really gonna help. If I cared about money I wouldn’t have graduated in Journalism.

The second one is where I believe most people will agree with me: if the person sitting across from you is talking non-stop about all the amazing things they do or did, and how incredibly generous, funny, adventurous, [put your own adjective here] they are, then it’s certain that I’ll lose interest in no time. I have a bit of an ego, I want someone to be interested in what I’m saying. Even among friends, I want to be heard and be asked about things. This guy was so consumed by his own amazingness that he probably could have gone on and on even if I decided to leave. On a second thought, I should have left.

I actually enjoy listening to other people, but I like that to be mutual, that’s the natural way. I listen to you, ask questions, and then you ask me something and that’s called chatting. What I had today was a monologue. 

I only went out again with him because he wouldn’t stop asking. I honestly thought that maybe I misjudged him and at the first date he was nervous and talking nonstop to cover for it. But no. That’s his normal self. Gotta admire how much confidence and pride for himself he’s god. But not something for me. 

A sad contrast with my last Monday date, which was quite adorable, simple and plain fun. Random guy of last week was just wonderful, in comparison to car wreck guy of today.


WTF – Part 2

Just to keep all my six readers updated on this: James called to apologize. I accepted, because I have a hard time being a bitch, even when it’s completely called for. I tend to be nice even to people who do despicable things. it’s just my nature.

I was so pissed at the whole thing, and then, I spent the last seven hours talking to one of the most interesting men I have ever met online, so I kinda don’t care as much anymore.

Like the saying goes, nothing better to get over an old love than a new one, right?

And I obviously didn’t get any work done today. I wonder why I am strapped for cash lately… OkCupid is detrimental to my financial well being.

Dating maverick: AAA, would date again

Strolling through the wonderful landscape that’s okcupid, I ran into this priceless jewel and had to share.

It’s not everyday you see someone who’s been reviewed as a date. The guy in all honesty is not that bad, I’d go out with him, if the mood struck, but I just HAD to share this specific part of his profile, where he publishes several reviews of girls who went on dates with him. There are so many more where these came from. I swear to you, he’s got tens of reviews as a first date. Apparently he’s dating material. Relationship, maybe not so much. I don’t see any repeat customers.


I’m torn between giving away his profile link and not doing so. Not that my blog is that powerful as a tool for sharing information, but I’d hate for him to become a laughing stock and be receiving disrespectful messages because of me. Let’s just make fun on him in private. It’s between you and me, alright, Internet?

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