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Dating maverick: AAA, would date again

Strolling through the wonderful landscape that’s okcupid, I ran into this priceless jewel and had to share.

It’s not everyday you see someone who’s been reviewed as a date. The guy in all honesty is not that bad, I’d go out with him, if the mood struck, but I just HAD to share this specific part of his profile, where he publishes several reviews of girls who went on dates with him. There are so many more where these came from. I swear to you, he’s got tens of reviews as a first date. Apparently he’s dating material. Relationship, maybe not so much. I don’t see any repeat customers.


I’m torn between giving away his profile link and not doing so. Not that my blog is that powerful as a tool for sharing information, but I’d hate for him to become a laughing stock and be receiving disrespectful messages because of me. Let’s just make fun on him in private. It’s between you and me, alright, Internet?

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