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Pancakes, anyone?

For those in other areas of the world and who may have never heard of this (as I had never), Tuesday, Feb. 12th was Pancake Day. While some people are celebrating the beginning of Lent, others are eating pancakes until they feel sick. That’s my kind of celebration. Where I come from, Lent is supposed to be about fasting until Easter, so it’s the total opposite and I love it.

I couldn’t eat pancakes, because every single pancake place was brimming with clients, obviously. But that’s alright, I celebrated in my mind, dreaming of a stack of wonderful pancakes covered in Nutella and banana. And then of the beef pancakes my mom used to make, covered in cheese and tomato sauce… yum…

Pancakes are better than sex. At least than bad sex.

Pancakes are better than sex. At least better than bad sex.

I’m going somewhere with this pancake business, bear with me.


After the whole canceling-twice-then-wanting-to-show-up-when-it-was-convenient, I didn’t contact James anymore. Didn’t send any messages and was hoping the whole thing would die out. For the first time in my life I was actually going to let a man go without desperately trying to keep him. The men pipeline in my life right now is that good, yes. There’s a first time for everything, I suppose!

To my surprise, I woke up this morning to a text from James. He said, and I quote: “Had any pancakes yesterday???”


I may be blowing this a bit out of proportion,  but that was my first reaction.

And I really wanted to be pissed, but after a few seconds I just started laughing. I couldn’t hold myself. I keep imagining that he thinks I wasn’t mad or anything about what he did, and that inquiring about pancakes after Pancake Day was just moving on with business as usual. You have to laugh.

It is funny how we take things in a certain way and people take it in a completely different one. People will endlessly surprise me.

I ended up replying and being nice to him, I didn’t see the point in ignoring or being jerkish. I like being a nice person, and I have to say, he’s quite hot. He replied right back to me, which is something that doesn’t happen very often. He often takes his time. And he replied with “what are your plans this weekend?” That has long been his way of asking if I wanted to get together. Maybe he wants to make amends, but my dance card for this weekend is full anyway. And I don’t intend to make any concessions to him, since he is clearly making none for me.

I don’t know when this became a game, but it has, and I am playing. Now, what should I reply to him? Any ideas? I wonder if I should just say “I’ll let you know when I’m free” or just be clear that “I’m coming back tomorrow, but I have other plans”… 


Comments on: "Pancakes, anyone?" (3)

  1. I probably had pancakes on pancake day without realising it was pancake day.

  2. I find it fascinating how as soon as we back off and become distant from a guy it’s like they immediately take action again and have the urge to want to be with us.

    The fact that he’s already cancelled twice on you (had a similar situation happen to me with the last guy I was talking to) isn’t a great sign. I guess you have to decide what you’re looking for and decide if you think he’s the type of guy that can offer that or not. If he’s just looking for fun then probably best to just make up some excuse about the weekend (unless that’s what you want).

    As you said you have some other guys right now so probably better to see where it goes with them. Better to have someone who is consistent with making plans and treats you right!

    • I honestly can say I’m just looking to have fun with him, but mostly because I was frustrated at his attitude. He’s still so hot that I’d call him again 🙂 but the funny thing is: I didn’t even bother anymore, and what happened? Yesterday he sent me a happy valentines, XX and all.

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