Dating in Dublin …and sometimes elsewhere!

Since I am in the middle of the most pointless meeting of my entire life, I would like to let you know of some recent developments and also share an epiphany I had:

  • Seven-hour chat guy (please see WTF 2): excitement cooled down, as it usually happens to me. I feel bad for this. I always do this. I have excellent conversations, but then I realize there’s some sort of hurdle and it just gets me uninterested. In his case it’s the distance, which is not terrible (still within the same country), but there’s so many interesting men around here, that I fail to see why I would move my butt all the way over there. If he wants to come around that’s fine.
  • Random guy appears!: A random (not super random, still a 76% compatibility) guy sent a message last week, saying we had some similar interests and if I’d like to have a talk about it. Sure, I am always game for a chat. So we’re meeting tonight for what I thought were a cup of coffee and a muffin. Turns out the place is a wine bar and a sort of fancy one. I have a class before, so I can’t dress up. Let’s hope he doesn’t hold it against me.
  • 45 message guy: this does not merit talking about too much. The only thing worth mentioning is that this has been the first guy who went straight into sexy banter, instead of the whole “hey, we like the same stuff” spiel. It was fun and we exchanged 45 messages in the space of two hours, because all messages were pretty much one-liners. 

I realized there’s a weird thing about online dating that I haven’t been liking: most of these guys are quite interesting in terms of what they like, how they think. And they’re not bad looking. I would certainly waste an hour or two with them, had we met in a bar or club. But given the amount of stuff I already know about them, it’s putting me off. I don’t feel like I want to meet them, because then it will be either disappointing if there’s no chemistry, or if there is, there’s that pressure to turn it into something meaningful. If I had just met them in a club, I wouldn’t have any reservations about just having fun and leaving it at that.

Amanda is emotionally unavailable at the moment. Please leave a message and I’ll get back to you whenever possible.


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