Dating in Dublin …and sometimes elsewhere!


I was just put on a very “men are scum” mood by James. After telling me twice he was coming to see me and canceling both times, he sends me a text today to tell me he’s coming by around 8pm. It was 5pm.

I’m sorry, I’m not available at a moment’s notice just because you feel like it. Plus I’m still wearing my pajamas and haven’t showered today.

James Hetfield


I told him not to come. I’m obviously gonna miss the good night I’d have with him (they’re always magnificent), and it’s my own fault for letting him think he could just come by whenever he pleases. He could, when it was convenient for me to let him. That, of course, led him into thinking any time was a good time.

He didn’t seem fazed by my refuse to see him. Maybe it’s the best thing to do. It was not gonna go on forever anyway. It couldn’t.

Oh, but I’ll miss his muscles… and his tattoos… and his… well, let’s leave it at that.

Soundtrack for today:


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